Know Before You Hire

Quality Pacific Roofing is committed to the highest standard of honesty and excellence.

Quality Pacific
Roofing Does

Quality Pacific
Roofing Does Not

  • Our estimate or bid pricing minimizes as much as possible any surprises to you or us.
  • No damage to siding, windows and flowers
  • Use synthetic and tear proof underlayment
  • Install starter metal at the eaves to eliminate rot of the plywood edge and leaks behind the gutters
  • Uses durable metal at the valleys
  • Install air intake venting close to the eaves to exhaust ALL of your attic air
  • Install continuous, discreet and most effective attic exhaust venting at the peaks
  • Use high quality boots for the plumbing pipes
  • Install steel kitchen and bath vents with flapper and bug screen
  • Install four piece total chimney “counter flashing”
  • Use the correct shorter nails for underneath the open eaves
  • Intentionally underbid then upsell you on what should have been included in the first place.
  • Allow crews to disregard your personal property
  • Traditional oil based tar paper that tears and warps
  • Use “weaved” valleys using shingles instead of metal (with rare exceptions)
  • Use plastic vents that crack, warp, create more holes in your roof and look tacky
  • Use low-quality neoprene rubber boots that warp and crack for the plumbing pipes
  • Install the plastic equivalent (or the wrong vents altogether)
  • Re-install the old, worn, rusted and unsightly chimney counter flashing which can cause leaks.
  • Allow shingle nail exposure underneath the open eaves, which looks unsightly and is difficult to paint